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Our Parish of the Eastern Orthodox Church was founded in 1982 as a house church in Medford Oregon. In 1995 Fr. Seraphim was assigned the priest, and in 1998 the parish received the donation of a small barn in Rogue River Oregon which was converted to a place of worship. However, due to deterioration, this structure had to be demolished and construction began where St. Innocent church resides today. In 2020, Fr. Seraphim retired, and Fr. Joshua was assigned as priest. After a considerable amount of hard work and dedication, our parish was given approval by the county to occupy our church in December of 2022.

Because we are a small parish in numbers, we would not have been able to build this church on our own, but our faith was not shaken. Therefore, through abundant prayer, parish members and local craftsmen who donated their labor and time, and many donations from God loving people locally and from all over the world, the previous donated barn has been replaced by the magnificent church of St Innocent of Irkutsk.

St. Innocent church strives to maintain traditional Orthodox ethos and follow the ancient way of life and worship. Our desire is not only to preserve the traditions of the Holy Orthodox Church and their successors that have been passed down to us, but also to grow the values of faith, family, and community for future generations. Although St. Innocent is part of R.O.C.O.R, our members are mostly American converts, therefore, all services are in English.

We are now called to write the next chapter of the story of St. Innocent church. It now becomes our responsibility, as followers of Christ, to take up this sacred task. Whether we are life-long members of St. Innocent, or just joined the community recently, we are the spiritual inheritors of this legacy.


Saint Innocent Orthodox Church
4922 North River Rd
Gold Hill, OR 97525

  • Wed

    6:00pm Pre-Sanctified Gifts
  • Thu

    6:00pm Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete
  • Fri

    6:00pm Akathist Hymn

Saint Innocent Orthodox Church
4922 North River Rd; Gold Hill, OR 97525